Squirrel Hanging Out in the Gutter
Squirrel Hanging Out in the Gutter

Squirrels on Roof

If a group of squirrels is in your North Hollywood attic, they were likely gathering on or around your roof first. They may go from trees that are close by to your roof and see an opening into your home. Any small gap on or around your roof or soffits is like an invitation to a squirrel.  They will scratch and chew their way into your home through these openings. This will result in damages to your home and a possible squirrel infestation. 

When you notice them on your roof or in nearby trees call Allstar Animal Trapping for an inspection.  We may be able to stop the problem before it starts by simply sealing any openings on the exterior of your home and making sure all soffits are intact. This step can save you time and money in the long run.

Squirrel Damage to Roof

A determined squirrel can be bad news for your roof and soffits. They can damage shingles, wood, vinyl and any other material in their way. A small crack can be turned into an opening large enough for them to get into your attic and walls. Holes in your roof can result in other problems like water damage, mildew and rotten wood. These holes need to be repaired and sealed as soon as possible to avoid larger repairs in the future.

Our team will place traps to catch the squirrels and remove them without the use of poison. Then we will begin cleaning up and decontaminating the affected areas and removing any waste. If your insulation was harmed we can also replace that. There are many steps to the process and it is always shorter if you stop the problem before it gets too big. As soon as you notice a lot of these fluffy tailed animals on or around your home, call us to schedule an inspection. At Allstar Animal Trapping the process of squirrel control and prevention is our specialty.